Improv Drop-In Classes

Drop-In Classes are held twice Tuesdays and Thursdays for the general public and acting community. Students explore warm-ups, exercises, scene work, and theory. Themes include communication, storytelling, character development, teamwork, and the moment.

Booster Shot Workshop

Women’s Only workshops focusing on promoting the benefits of improv in a woman’s daily activities and maintaining a supportive network to help women reach goals. Using a fun approach to teach communication, living in the moment, public speaking, being comfortable with taking risks!

Master Level Workshops

Throughout the year we host specialized workshops for performers with masters of Improvised Theater.

Kevin Scott (New York) Mike Brown (New York), Gillian Bellinger (Los Angeles), Jason Baker & Marie McIntosh (Los Angeles), Patrick Babbit (Los Angeles)

Workshops at Work

Throughout the year we assist various organizations, groups and businesses with enhancing the skill sets of  their team.

Previous workshop clients include: United States Army Intelligence, Hawaii Jaycees, UH Marine Biology Graduate Program, First Hawaiian Bank, and more!

Master Workshops

Previous Performance workshop instructors:

Kevin Scott (People’s Improv Theater, New York) Mike Brown (People’s Improv Theater, New York), Gillian Bellinger (Second City Hollywood, Los Angeles), Jason Baker & Marie McIntosh (Nerdist Theatre, Los Angeles)

Business Training

“Improvisation is probably one of the two or three cardinal skills for businesses to learn in the future…”

− John Kao, Harvard Business School

The flexibility of Improv allows us to custom tailor workshops to meet the needs of any organization.

What can you do?

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