Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I do Improv?

Everybody can, it’s almost like learning to play again but now you’re learning how to communicate your ideas to the other player.


Are you sure?

Think about it like this, you already do improv. When you talk to people you don’t know exactly what’s going to be said. Same with improv but with games and more fun.


I usually see 8 week classes for Improv, why do you do Drop In Classes?

We understand that everybody is busy with work and life, sometimes you cant make a long commitment. If it’s your first time doing Improv or Theater (since that epic tree scene in elementary school), maybe you want to just dip your toe in the pool of improv fun and see if you like it.


Does that mean you only do Drop Ins?

We use our drop in classes as a Foundation & Skills Level, once there is a group of students that are ready to commit to a longer program we will create Technique and Performance Level for them.


Aren’t you the Think Fast Improv guys?

Yep! The Think Fast classes were so popular we decided to convert the education side into a non-profit.