Improv Theater Drop In

“All the world’s a stage and most of us are desperately unrehearsed.”
― Seán O’Casey

Living in the moment. Learn to play. These Tuesday and Thursday classes welcome all levels to join in and learn in unscripted theater, and life, in a fun and lighthearted environment.

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Workshops at Work

“Improvisation is probably one of the two or three cardinal skills for businesses to learn in the future…”

− John Kao, Harvard Business School

The flexibility of Improv allows us to custom tailor workshops to meet the needs of any organization.

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Booster Shot

Women’s Only workshop. The focus is to promote the benefits of improv in a woman’s daily activities, maintain a supportive network to help women reach goals. Teaching communication skills, living in the moment, public speaking, becoming comfortable with taking risks, having confidence in your abilities, and more!

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Support Live Theater!

Improv in Paradise is a 501(c)3 non-profit company created to promote teaching Improvisation, the Art of Unscripted Theater. Theater began as Improvisation, no scripts only players interacting with each other to discover the story. Founded by members of Hawaii’s Premier Improv Theater Company, Think Fast, Improv in Paradise focuses on creating educational opportunities for children and adults of all levels of experience.


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Support Live Theater! Help keep live theater going by taking a class, booking a training workshop or just donating a few dollars!